Winterthur--the place to be: with more than 100,000 inhabitants, Winterthur is Switzerland's sixth biggest city. In addition to its ideal location, attractive workplaces and excellent educational facilities, it has one thing first and foremost: quality of life. Winterthur offers a unique mix of urban interest and small-town charm.

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Five reasons why it pays to get to know Winterthur and its surroundings:

  1. Independent urban centre near Zurich

    The perfect location combined with excellent road and rail connections to Zurich's cosmopolitan city and airport are two key reasons why Winterthur is much in demand as a place for living and for business. Including surrounding municipalities, the Winterthur region has a population of over 160,000 and is thus a well-established and independent urban centre alongside Zurich.

  2. Perfect business location with outstanding infrastructure

    Winterthur has evolved into an independent economic hub with a top-notch infrastructure and a high-quality job market. Over 52,000 people work for around 4,000 firms in this formerly industrial town. Numerous international companies are domiciled in Winterthur and its surroundings.

  3. Perfect place to live with high quality of life

    Anyone seeking accommodation will soon discover Winterthur's diverse options for quality housing at a fair price. Spacious green areas surround beautiful, well-developed residential neighbourhoods. Together with the traffic-free historic Old Town and its numerous shopping options, an outstanding range of cultural institutions provides a unique mix of big-city comfort and small-town charm. The City of Winterthur is surrounded by a green belt with over twenty idyllically located municipalities, which enhances the region's appeal as a potential place of residence.

  4. Vibrant university town with international schools

    Winterthur has an excellent reputation not only as a business location, but also as a centre of learning. The Winterthur-based Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)--with its six departments and over 6,000 students--is one of Switzerland's largest multi-disciplinary universities for applied sciences and makes Winterthur an increasingly vibrant university town. Two international schools and other centres of learning add to the Winterthur region's appeal.

  5. Renowned cultural institutions & countless leisure opportunities

    Winterthur is renowned for the richness of its cultural life throughout Switzerland and beyond. The world-famous Oskar Reinhart art collections, the Photo Museum and the Technorama are just a few gems from its wide-range of cultural treasures. Fascinating events and festivals; culinary delights and a vibrant nightlife; plenty of choice for sports lovers, a variety of programmes for children and...

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