Winterthur the innovative, dynamic and attractive business location.

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Winterthur is ideally situated in the heart of Europe, close to Zurich Airport and halfway between the international business hub of Zurich and the economic area of Eastern Switzerland. This attractive geographical position has helped Winterthur evolve as an independent business centre with outstanding infrastructure, a high-quality job market and one of Switzerland's largest multi-disciplinary universities of applied sciences.

The city's innovative and business-friendly approach provides attractive development opportunities for technology and service companies, particularly in the fields of mechanical engineering, medical technology, healthcare, mechatronics, information technology and education. Winterthur and its surroundings are home to a highly qualified workforce and have undeveloped land available for commercial and residential purposes.

Based on such advantages and on its long industrial tradition, Winterthur has established itself as a sought-after location for high-tech engineering in the Zurich area. In the wake of the city's famous industrial corporations such as Sulzer and Rieter, numerous young and innovative companies--active in precision engineering, mechatronics, medical technology and other cutting-edge industries--have made a name for themselves and bring new life to refurbished former industrial sites. These sites also house a whole range of cultural and leisure facilities, modern offices and upmarket apartments, with potential remaining for committed pioneers of the kind that have marked Winterthur's development over the centuries.

Mechanical engineering, high-tech industries, precision technology

Winterthur is known for its pioneering history. Steam machinery and diesel engines produced by Sulzer, for example, played a key role in the historic shift from manual labour to machines. Textile machine maker, Rieter, invented a mass-production compact spinning machine that revolutionised the ring spinning process by means of innovative compacting technology and a new type of yarn.

Despite intermittent crises in these sectors, Winterthur has remained a significant location for the high-tech and engineering industries. Numerous renowned and successful enterprises such as Wartsila, CCI and Burckhardt Compression, to name but a few, are domiciled here and benefit from the advantages of this centrally situated city.

Among specialists, the Winterthur region is also known as Sensor Valley, due to its appeal...

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