Web battles for votes.

Fonction News

Although e-voting is not yet a reality, the 2003 vote is already being dubbed the first online election.

Almost all the candidates have a presence on the internet, either individually or on the website of their political party.

They have their portraits, ideas and slogans. Using photos or games, they hope to pull voters to their sites.

Most innovative is "smartvote.ch", developed by a group of researchers and editors. It gives voters the possibility, of defining their political profile online by taking a test.

By answering 24 questions (or 70 in the more complicated version), voters can have their own political profile generated by a computer. Once complete, they need only to select their canton to be provided with a list of candidates who profile most closely matches theirs.

To attract young people is a website called "voteyoung.ch". With a youthful appearance, it includes some fun games.

The trilingual website "wahlen.ch" is a bold undertaking by a number of sponsors (banks, insurance companies and automobile dealers) and supported by the "Basler Zeitong" and the "St Galler Tagblatt". However, the information is...

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