Up in arms over film.

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"Achtung, Fertig, Charlie!" is a comedy set in recruit school, where all young Swiss men are expected to serve for four months.

The film, aimed at the youth, has a catchy soundtrack and the love interest played by former Miss Switzerland Melanie Winiger.

It also has strong backing from Hollywood and is the first Swiss film to have a major distributor.

On its general release, it opened in 43 cinemas simultaneously--a record for any Swiss film.

But the film's raunchy humour and its portrayal of young recruits as having insatiable appetites tot sex mid drugs has offended Switzerland's top brass.

"Many at the defence ministry regret that such promising film. makers didn't rise to the occasion of producing a work of art," says defence ministry spokesman Martin Buhler. "What we've got instead is a film which is on the slippery downward slope of questionable taste."

The defence ministry says it finds many of the sex scenes in the film simply juvenile, but its main concern is with the treatment of drug use in the film.

Director Eschmann admits that the issue is a sensitive one but doesn't believe...

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