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The British newspaper, The Guardian, recently stated that careers define ever more who we are. Just think about how often we introduce ourselves by our job title nowadays. In Switzerland, the most recent reports by the Federal Statistical Office indicate that work takes up an increasing amount of our time. In 2011, our average working hours rose by 2.7 per cent to 41.5 hours. Added to this is our ever-busy social calendar--we dash from one soiree to another or party the night away at Switzerland's summer festivals.

Such busy lifestyles can lead to a poor work-life balance and negatively affect our health, leading to high blood pressure, depression and even burnout. Meanwhile, checking your emails late at night can hinder your creativity, according to a recent report in the British Sunday Times Magazine.

Many spas have designed special evening programmes to help us unwind and rejuvenate after a busy day at the office. These 'after-work packages' typically include saunas with infusions to stimulate your senses and massages to improve blood flow. To prepare you for a busy summer, Girlfriend Guide explores two spas offering tailored packages in Switzerland.

Zurich: asiaspa

High above Zurich's bustling shopping centre Sihl City, a hidden oasis awaits. At asiaspa, you can relax at your own pace. Upon arrival, a friendly receptionist gives you all you need for your after-work session, including a robe, slippers and a sauna towel. Having released your body from the strictures of smart clothing, shed your worries as you relax in the 'urban caves'. These saunas have fragrances, including Himalayan sea salt, jasmine, cherry blossom and eucalyptus steam. Take advantage of a scheduled infusion (complimentary ceremonies and products for body hydration and exfoliation) at 17 minutes past every hour. Asiaspa's after-work package also includes a voucher for an appetiser-sized portion from the kitchen of Hong Kong Food Paradise, as well as a beverage of your choice and a glass of Cupli.

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