Trends in tobacco and cannabis consumption.

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The Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Addiction estimates that there are two million smokers in Switzerland and up to 10,000 of them pay for it annually with their lives.

The institute also reports that the number of people who regularly smoke cannabis in Switzerland nowadays (250,000) has reached an all time high as it has practically doubled itself in the last ten years.

Furthermore, more than half of the 20 to 24-year-olds interviewed in the study said they had tried cannabis at least once. Austrian experts believe that cannabis use appeals to the youth culture due to boredom young people experience.

Sandra Kuntsche, a psychologist from the institute and an author of the study on the development of cannabis and tobacco consumption in Switzerland, doubts whether the trend of cannabis consumption will continue to grow much further.

Kuntsche suggests that according to a sociological model showing how trends move in society a trend is usually first taken up by high-educated high earning men attaching a status symbol to the trend. The...

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