The view from abroad.

Fonction Politics

Swiss News also provides a voice to represent some of the Swiss abroad.

Born in the USA in 1961, Prof. Dr. Les Sutter lived and studied in Switzerland for more than a decade, becoming a Swiss citizen. He then returned to America in 1994 to pursue an academic and political career. Prof. Dr. Les Sutter a writer, scholar and Professor at International College in Naples, Florida. He draws an interesting comparison highlighting the complexion of Swiss elections.

Why is the US still sending in Black and White?

As a naturalised Swiss living in the USA, I am always pleased as well as saddened when my package of Swiss election material arrives in the mailbox at my home in Florida.

I am pleased because the Swiss government takes the time and effort to include the voices of citizens not currently living in Switzerland. I, on my part, visit Switzerland at least once a year. This time, I celebrated the national holiday on the first of August with gusto in Adliswil followed by a week of hiking in Arosa. I look...

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