The Heir Who Is (Completely) Excluded From Succession


By judgment of 28 June 2017, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court re-examined the rights and obligations of an heir who was completely excluded from succession in a disposition of property upon death. Persons who have been completely excluded from succession are referred to as so-called "virtual heirs".

What does a virtual heir have to do in order to get to his or her legacy, and what rights does a virtual heir have until the time that heir status is recognised? And who actually is a virtual heir in the first place?

We have prepared a pdf for you which shows you the answer to these questions: 

Who is a virtual heir according to Swiss law? According to Swiss law, who is an heir with a statutory inheritance entitlement? How high is the statutory inheritance entitlement in Switzerland? And how high are the statutory succession rights in Switzerland? So what is the statutory inheritance entitlement? I was excluded from inheritance in a disposition of property upon death. What do I need to do? How much time do I have to claim for infringement of statutory share or to...

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