SVP unleashes the ravens.


New political posters courtesy of the Swiss People's Party (SVP) are now on a billboard near you. In its latest poster campaign, the SVP seeks to warn Swiss citizens against voting in favour of continuing and extending a labour treaty with the European Union, according to online news source swissinfo.

The poster campaign--launched ahead of the February 8 referendum which will ask Swiss voters whether they want to continue with the current EU labour treaty as well as extend it to the newest EU member states of Bulgaria and Romania--features giant black ravens ripping at Switzerland with their beaks.

The image represents the future as prophesised by the SVP if the treaty allowing for the free movement of people is voted for.

"Salaries will drop, joblessness will increase, more people will take advantage of and plunder our welfare system and the level of protection against foreign criminals will be dangerously reduced," SVP President Toni Brunner said, of the proposal to continue and further relax EU access to the Swiss labour market.

The free movement of people associated with such a labour treaty is necessary, said a statement on the Swiss Integration Office website, because Switzerland's domestic workforce cannot meet the demands of its labour market.

Since the original EU labour treaty went into effect in June 2002, "the influx of labour has developed at a manageable pace and in step with the demands of the Swiss economy," the Swiss Integration Office said. "The new immigrants have been mostly well-qualified. At the same time, unemployment has decreased as the economy has expanded."

The Integration Office did...

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