Tattoo: British military open--air spectacle.

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Fonction Interview of the month: dr. graham o. jones mbe - Interview


Graham O. Jones' voice on the phone sounds as if we are in the same room; disarmingly charming and polite. Apologetically, he asks if I might call him back in 20 minutes as something urgent has come up. He tells me, in a reassuringly friendly way, not to be alarmed by the loud brass music when I call back. The forewarning was smartly played. When I call again, the music streaming in the background is impressively, if not slightly shocking, quite loud. Big, bright and warm sounds reach the phone from Jones' record player. When we finally connect, we talk music. Brass bands, big bands, horns and then a delightful diversion--Welsh harps!

EF: Zurich Tattoo promises to be a historical event. Is it true, this will be your first performance in Zurich?

GJ: Well, that's not necessarily true. I have performed in Switzerland before. I conducted at Victoria Hall in Geneva. But yes, technically this will be my first concert in Zurich. My long standing friendship with Andre Beck was the reason for my engagement in Zurich Tattoo. We met at a British band camp in 1989 in Germany. We are working closely together to produce an event to be remembered this July in Zurich.

EF: Have you visited Zurich yet? What are you looking forward to most about visiting Switzerland?

GJ: On my first visit to Zurich, when I accepted the invitation to be the Director, I was picked up from the airport by the organisers of Zurich Tattoo. Straight away, I was whisked directly to the Lake of Zurich for a boat ride. The Lake Police drove me to a boat place and gave me the nickel tour. They showed me around the lake. The view of the mountains from the boat was fantastic Later they took me to the old town and I picked a traditional Swiss restaurant at the top of the hill. My favourite Swiss meal is Rosti. A close second, is another Swiss dish that has mushrooms, veal and a dark cream The name of which, you will have to help me with. (Editor: GJ is referring to a Swiss dish which is a Zurich standard: "Zurigeschnatzlts" which loosely translates to "Zurich Sliced Bits". For a copy of the recipe, see below from our sister magazine Swiss Cuisine.) I also like Fondue Chinoise. I really enjoy Swiss food! Rehearsals for the Zurich Tattoo are already underway. I have been visiting Zurich regularly new.


According to Wikipedia the history of the word Tattoo stems from the Dutch expression. "close the taps" ("Doe den tap toe" or "tap toe") Similar to...

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