A taste of summer.

Author:Scheuringer, Carina

Since the early 20th century, Zurich has celebrated the departure of winter with the spring festival Sechselauten, which culminates in the burning of the Boogg, a figure snowman whose head is filled with explosives. Tradition has it that the time it takes between the lighting of the pyre and the explosion of the Boogg's head is indicative of the weather we are to expect the following summer.

Luckily, after a rather wet spring, there was finally good news. On 16 April, the Boogg's head exploded after just 12 minutes and 7 seconds, a reasonably promising time. And so we prepare for the coming season with high expectations here at Swiss News and are excited to bring you the first taste of summer in our May issue.

This month, we watch the sun set over the Alps from some of Valais' most unique mountain bothies, before facing the notorious Eiger with record alpinist Ueli Steck. We learn from award-winning entrepreneur Kurt Schar how a bike can make even the tallest...

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