Switzerland tops in buying power.

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Thanks to high salaries, we in Switzerland can buy more with our money than people in 71 cities around the world. Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lugano dominated the top 10 cities for spending power at home and abroad, not including rent. The top 10 also included Luxemburg, Dublin and the major US population centres.

However, the UBS Prices and Earnings Survey also confirmed what most of us have suspected for a long time; it costs a lot to live in Switzerland--not even including the cost of renting or buying a home--and Zurich is among the most expensive cities in the world, ranking fourth behind Oslo, Copenhagen, and Tokyo.

US cities like LA, Miami, Chicago and New York, were relatively cheap, owing in part to the falling US dollar. A shopping spree in the US is now an attractive proposition for Europeans. A drop in currency value takes Hong Kong off the highest-priced list, while a rise in the Danish krone nudges Copenhagen up to second place, after Oslo.

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