Switzerland targets people trade.

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Up to two million people are estimated to be victims of human trade. Some 1,500 and 3,000 of them are thought to be in Switzerland.

Worldwide, trafficking has become an extremely lucrative business, worth an estimated $10 billion a year. Getting exact facts and figures on this murky trade is very difficult, and so Switzerland had set up a nationwide coordination office early this year.

The office, which is part of the Federal Police Office, brings together all the different authorities that deal with traffickers and their victims, from the border police, to immigration officials, to non-governmental organisations. The aim--to ensure that traffickers are brought to justice, and to try and prevent human trafficking happening in the first place.

However, the laws governing the crime contain several loopholes. While trafficking itself carries a heavy penalty of up to 20 years under Swiss law, it only applies to trafficking with the aim of sexual exploitation.

Trafficking in order to sell human organs and forced labour is not covered. Furthermore...

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