Switzerland's litterbugs.


Switzerland seems to have moved away from its neat and clean image. According to a recent survey, carried out by the University of Basel in five cities, including Basel, Zurich and Lausanne, fast food is the main cause of this. People eating on the streets throw away a third of all the resulting rubbish.

The findings have called for concerted action.

"We refuse to accept the situation as it is," says Hans-Peter Berger of Zurich's robbish disposal unit. For three years now, Switzerland's financial capital has run a poster campaign calling on city residents to take more pride in their city by not littering. But Berger does not think such campaigns can be effective in the long term.

He is putting more faith in the 500 new rubbish bins his department has placed around the city over the past few months.

"We think we now have enough bins in the right places and enough staff to make sure they are emptied quickly," says Berger.

He says he would welcome the introduction of deposits on cans of drinks and mineral water bottles as a way of reducing waste.

Bern has decided to take a tougher approach and has approved a new law on litter, which has been...

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