Swiss take on superbugs.

The days of drug-resistant superbugs may be numbered, thanks to the efforts of Swiss researchers. The research team from Zurich University and the Swiss biotechnology company, Polyphor, have discovered an antibiotic that targets the group of bacteria, known as pseudomonas, the hardy strain responsible for 63 per cent of infections in hospital intensive care units.

Currently, Pseudornonas aeruginosa, to give it its full name--known as a gram-negative bacterium, is immune to many types of antibiotic as they are unable to penetrate its thick outer membrane to get to work. The new antibiotic differs, because it targets a particular protein in the bacterial membrane itself, disturbing the protein machinery responsible for building the outer membrane. Team leader and professor of chemistry at Zurich University, John Robinson, told the online news source swissinfo, "we think that...

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