Swiss day.

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Switzerland was the centre of attention on April 5, 2004, at the world exhibition in the German city of Hanover.

The Swiss president, Adolf Ogi, launched Swiss day with a declaration that the country is in top form.

In his opening speech, Ogi insisted that "Switzerland exists", a reference to an exhibition in Seville eight years ago that claimed just the opposite.

On the inside, Switzerland was "an attractive country offering good quality, of life", Ogi continued. From outside, he argued that Switzerland was open, cooperative, trustworthy and solid.

He said that the bilateral free trade treaties with the European Union, approved by voters last month, were an important step towards closer ties with Brussels, reiterating that, for the time being, the country had found a way of co-existing with Europe. He also said the issue of full membership would take more time and depended on how Switzerland could maintain its sovereignty, neutrality...

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