A simpler Swiss aircraft navigation system.


The Global Integrated Air Navigation System (GLANS) is a new aeroplane navigation and flight control system that works by replacing all cockpit instruments with just one device and is set to improve aircraft safety and cut the number of accidents.

It took the Zurich-based research engineer and pilot Kurt Tschannen 15 years and millions of Swiss francs to develop the GLANS system. He suggests that when there are too many instruments in aircraft cockpits for the pilots to interpret this can sometimes lead to errors and very serious accidents.

Tschannen stated that the Crossair accident in Bassersdorf that killed 10 people and the crash of Alitalia at Stadlerberg that killed forty-six have were blamed on pilot error and highlighted the need for simpler aircraft navigation systems.

A cockpit of a commercial plane may contain around 50 instruments, but the GLANS integrates all these into one onboard computer with a dual display of key navigation and flight data.


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