Sexy summer legs.

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Aging, Genetics, Beers & Burgers ... they all have their effects and sometimes our legs are the victims. Often, especially during summertime, we want to feel confident and downright sexy when playing tennis and lounging in the sand. Girlfriend Guide sat down with several experts to discuss recommendations for common leg complaints.

Bronze Beauty

Leg Complaint: Longing for a healthy, natural glow The Fix: Manual Airbrush Tanning

Since 1960 when Coppertone launched Quick Tan, Sunless Tanning has been a rage with treatments coming in all shapes, sizes and costs. From sun-beds to spray-tanning machines to at-home temporary bronzers and shimmers to longer lasting gels, mousses, lotions and even oral tablets, everyone is yearning for a bronzed body.

An effective and safe sunless tanning option is an organic based, manual airbrush treatment by a trained professional.

How It Works

Almost all sunless tanners contain Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Approved by the European Medicines Agency, DHA is a colorless sugar typically extracted from plant sources that when met by dead skins cells on the skin's surface layer, causes a tanning effect typically lasting 7-10 days.

Know Before You Go

Skin Preparation is essential. It's best to wax or shave more than 24 hours prior to your treatment, do a full body exfoliation the night before and avoid the use of any deodorants, oils, creams or make up on the day of the treatment. Even better, we leaned that a professional exfoliation body polish and PH Skin Balancing treatment beforehand can really help prepare the skin and maximize results. This is not very common in Switzerland, but for best results, certainly worth finding a specialist who offers this. Manual treatments by trained professionals provide more authentic, even tans. They can reach body lines, crevices and hidden spots machines often miss such as under the breasts or below the chin, and control the amount of solution that is applied to the hands and feet, which are often a true giveaway that you don't have a natural tan. Don't be afraid to ask for the solution's ingredients. Steer away from paraben based solutions and seek out organic, low alcohol treatments. Don't settle for the color options "light, medium, dark". Seek a specialist that blends colors specifically for your skin tone.

Soft & Smoth

Leg Complaint: Shaving and waxing with not-so-great results The Fix: Permanent Hair Removal

How It Works

There are several machines currently being used for...

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