Selected Adjustments To The Ordinance On Measures Regarding Iran

Author:Dr. Alexandra Körner
Profession:MME Legal | Tax | Compliance

Following the conclusion of the nuclear agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA), the Federal Council decided on 11 November 2015 to conduct a total revision of the Ordinance on Measures regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran (SR 946.231.143.6, Iran-Ordinance"; see the respective report in the MME magazine).

The revision that came into force on 17 January 2016 caused an unintentional tightening of the export criteria for certain dual-use goods bound for Iran. On 18 May 2016, the Swiss Federal Council decided punctual amendments on certain aspects of the Ordinance on Measures regarding the Islamic Republic. This involved adapting the licensing criteria for trade in certain dual-use goods (Art. 3 para 3-3ter Iran-Ordinance):

For dual-use goods listed in Annex 2 Section 2 of the Ordinance, Iran is no longer required to grant the right to examine the end-use of the relevant goods. The licensing procedure for these goods is simplified in that a licence no longer has to be issued by the interdepartmental export control group, but may be issued by SECO. In cases where SECO has already...

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