Roumanian State Decision

Date30 septembre 1937
CourtCourt of Appeal of Zurich (Switzerland)
Court of Appeal of Zurich
Roumanian State Decision

Jurisdiction — Immunity from — Property of Foreign States — Seizure in Execution of Arbitral Award — Swiss Practice.

The Court of Appeal of Zürich in a decision of September 30, 1937, reported in Bulletin de l'Institut Juridique International, 40 (1939), p. 249, No. 10,695, allowed the seizure (Arrest) of the assets belonging to the Roumanian State and deposited with the Swiss National Bank. The seizure was ordered in execution of an award given by the German-Roumanian Arbitral Tribunal. The seizure was allowed, having regard to the absence of an established Swiss practice disallowing the seizure of property belonging to foreign States. On the other hand, the absence of an established practice in the matter of foreign property was referred to by the Swiss Federal Tribunal as a reason for...

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