Rich just got richer.


Bilanz business magazine reports that the 300 wealthiest people in Switzerland are getting richer.

The richest folks in the country, half of whom were born elsewhere, are worth a whopping SFr 400 billion--and they've added SFr 31 billion to the coffers in a year.

Bilanz, which does an annual survey, says results suggest the richest have profited from strong recoveries in luxury goods and stocks and solid performance in the housing market.

One in six is involved in the luxury goods sector, and most own a large home and property, according to the survey.

In any event, there was no change at the top of the chart, firmly held by Ingvar Kamprad, Swedish founder of recession-proof Ikea home furnishings, with an estimated worth of SFr 21 billion.

The Oeri and Hoffmann families who control the...

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