Rent a cow.

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An alpine dairy farmer with a flair for marketing found a novel way of selling his mountain cheese. He put his cows up for hire on the Internet and was overwhelmed by requests from as far away as Japan, South Africa and the United States!

"Never in our wildest dreams did we think it would be so popular," says Wyler.

Over the weekend, the cow-leasers were summoned to his alpine farm to pick up their cheese.

Curious visitors from the city like paid even CHF380 ($275) to lease a cow for the summer.

"I was reading the paper and saw 'Cow-leasing scheme opens in Switzerland'. Since we were planning on going to the Montreux Jazz festival that weekend I thought the farm might be on the way and it was," explains Drennan.

Drennan decided that leasing a cow would make an ideal birthday gift to herself. "I remember sitting in the other room and hearing her say: 'Guess what, we can lease a cow in Switzerland!'" remembers her friend Joah Iannotta. "I thought the Bavarian air might have gotten to her so I asked her to repeat herself."

The two Americans quickly signed a contract giving them the right to call Nina--the big brown cow--their own for the summer, and granting them the right to purchase...

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