Quotas To Be Reduced In 2015

Author:Mr Ara Samuelian and Adrian Howald
Profession:Suter Howald Attorneys at Law


On November 28 2014 the Federal Council announced that the total number of work permits submitted to quotas for 2015 will be reduced from 12,000 (2014) to 8,750 (2015). This is a significant reduction of 27%.

The council made use of its discretion regarding immigration and decided to reduce the amount of available quotas for non-EU and non-European Free Trade Association (EFTA) nationals and service providers from EU and EFTA countries. The council intends to encourage Swiss companies to better tap the potential local workforce.

Non-EU/EFTA nationals

In order to provide the Swiss economy with the requisite numberof permits in 2015, the council has decided to allocate 6,500 permits (4,000 L-permits and 2,500 B-permits) for highly qualified non- EU/EFTA nationals. In 2014, 8,500 permits (5,000 L-permits and 3,500 B-permits) were available for non-EU/EFTA nationals. The available number of permits for 2015 has been reduced by 2,000 – a substantial reduction of 24%.

Service providers...

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