A PDO for Emmental cheese.

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Emmental, the Swiss cheese, renowned for its large holes, is set to receive special protection in the form of a PDO label (Protected Designation of Origin).

Seven Swiss cheeses already benefit from the PDO label. They are Gruyere, Sbrinz, Tete de Moine, L'Etivaz, Vacherin MontD'Or, Formaggio d'Alpe Ticinese and Berner Alpkase.

Most of the 270 cheese producers who will benefit from the label are based in the Emmental region near the Swiss capital, Bern.

The criteria for awarding this label requires the cheese makers to use untreated milk, which is less than 24 hours old. In addition, the finished cheese will have to mature for at least four months before it can be sold.

Although it has taken four years to process the Emmental PDO label the Association of Emmental Cheese Producers welcomed the decision to introduce the label believing that this certification will help protect the origin, quality and...

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