Orbit-iEX: IT trade show for all: technology evolves so rapidly that it often seems we can't keep up. For some of us, it's a challenge to embrace the iPod or a cell phone with a built-in camera. But for others, changing technology brings new business challenges and demands that must be met.


The aim of the Orbit-iEX trade fair is to offer the IT, Internet and telecom sectors a large-scale joint platform to present their wares and expertise in Switzerland. Joining giants Swisscom and Hewlett-Packard will be hundreds of other IT service and product providers.

The 'Orbit' and 'iEX' IT fairs successfully merged last year to become the largest trade fair of its kind in Switzerland. Since most of the world's IT innovations are unveiled in the spring, these new products can now be promptly presented to the Swiss public.

Timeliness is critical as the number of new products increases each year. With the globalisation of IT services, coupled with the miniaturisation and convergence of technologies to create completely new products, companies, suppliers and buyers are all in a race to keep up.

Also, the increasing digitalisation of business processes has increased the demand for better ways to securely transfer data.

Orbit-iEX brings together experts across all fields of IT and communication, and invites them to share their knowledge and practical experience so that businesses and individuals can enhance productivity and efficiency.

Event Information

Orbit-iEX will take place from May 16-19 at the Zurich Exhibition Centre (Messezentrum Zurich), Halls 1-6 and Congress Hall 7.

Email: info@orbit-iex.ch Information: www.orbit-iex.ch

Exhibition categories

* Business Software

* E-Business Solutions

* Internet & Websites

* Mobile Computing & Communication

* Networking

* Hardware & Office Equipment

* IT Security

Visitor opening hours

Tuesday to Friday 9.00-18:00

Visitor admission (including exhibition catalogue)

SFr 20--Advance booking

SFr 25--Pay at desk

SFr 10--Students

Conference Schedule--Tuesday, May 16: Web Content & Communications...

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