Lucerne: courage of a lion: the city. The lake. The mountains.

Author:Frey-Hasegawa, Erika
Position:Destination: canton lucerne


What more could you ask for than what Lucern's tagline offers?

Indeed, the city, the lake and the mountains are in a nutshell the essence of Switzerland's charm. If New York City is the Big Apple, then Lucerne is the apple of Helvetica's eye! History unfolded here in this very region. On the waters of the Vierwaldstatter See (Lake of the Four Forested Cantons) on the AIps and in the forests surrounding it, William Tell fought for freedom and independence with his Swiss brethren. Tell's renowned archery skills saved the day when he pierced an apple placed on his son's by the reigning Habsburgs.

Lucerne Today

In today's Lucerne, the entrepreneurial and innovative business sprit is alive and well. The city celebrates its deeply Swiss roots and at the same time opens its doors wide to the international community. Offering Switzerland's lowest corporate tax rates, Lucerne is actively attracting companies big and small from around the globe. The appropriately named Alpenquai, featuring panoramic views of the Alps right along the lakeshore, is the new address in trendy Lucerne for many multi-national corporations, non-profits and start-ups.

Young & Inspired

The Hochschule Luzern (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) houses an MIT cross-collaboration startup called "FabLab." The high tech lab offers access to cutting edge high technology, including 3-D printers. Anyone with a technical curiosity can gain access to the high tech facilities. Annual passes are available for affordable rates, or you...

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