Letter to the editor.

AuteurRamati, Maya
Fonction News

Dear Editor,

Several years ago when I started working, Switzerland seemed to be thriving. Now, times have changed somewhat. My own story makes for an example.

On-March 2000, started working at my company. On April 2003, I was told my position is no longer needed.

I had read all the management books recommended. 'How to Make Friends mad Influence People', 'The Seven habits of Highly Effective People--you name it!

My staff became my treasure. To me the well being of the staff meant a healthy company, and I had also gained respect tot the way I treated the employees.

Through the years, new faces and new talent walked in and out of the office--either asked to leave, or of their own choice due to lack of acknowledgement and recognition. The team got used to changing faces. Even I became accustomed to giving a goodbye hug and forgetting.

But then lack of praise and recompense began to take its toll on me, too. The company had been taken over by a new owner, who despite my several pleas to meet and discuss issues was more...

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