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Around one in five Swiss residents are foreigners and therefore don't qualify to take part in their adopted country's unique form of direct democracy. Now, thanks to an experimental internet-based project from the Centre for Democracy Studies in Aarau, Neuchatel University and the Bern University for Applied Sciences, foreigners can add their voices to affairs of national significance--although the votes will not be counted towards the official result.

The project, which has received SFr 200,000 in government funding, enables foreign residents to cast a vote on popular initiatives and national referenda by means of the multi-lingual web portal www.baloti.ch. Despite the votes only being notional, those behind the project hope that it will improve immigrants' understanding of the Swiss political system, as well as heighten their awareness of the issues being voted upon. It is hoped that the data generated by the Baloti platform will also demonstrate that contrary to popular belief, the political views of Swiss and non-Swiss are not dissimilar when it comes to affairs of state--with...

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