Telecom time: it's time again for the ITU Telecom World event to brings together the global communications community to help government and industry exchange ideas, knowledge and progress in technology. The highlights ...

The ITU Telecom World event, which first took the limelight in 1971, has successfully continued with its tradition of providing a networking platform for those in the world of technology and communications.

This month, over 115,000 participants (inclusive of 85,000 visitors and 825 exhibitors) are expected to attend the event. Telecom '03 continues to attract the industry's top CEOs, government ministers and regulators, to use this platform for strategic debate and business networking. Among others are Bill Gates, John Chambers, and Carly Fiorina who have registered to be part of ITU Telecom World 2003.

Programme Highlights

Starting 12 October, the event will run through the 17th of the month. The Forum will include presentations and debate on critical industry issues featuring discussions on topics ranging from broadband and mobility, and focusing on new business models and new revenue streams.

It will also tackle areas of growth and development of global telecommunications, including "Environments in Transition" (13 October), "Customer Focus" (14 October), "Partnerships for the Future" (15 October), "New Threats and Opportunities" (16 October) and the "Information Society" (17 October).

In the business domain, as the world waits to assess the impact of 3G launches, a panel will examine the phenomenon behind the explosive mobile growth levels, as well as look at what lies "ahead for the sector. The technology sessions will continue to stimulate the debate on future technologies and the impact they could have on the industry.

The policy domain will address current topics of interest in the industry such as regulation, the digital divide, developing countries, trade competition, industry analysis and information communication technology (ICT), while also taking a look back at the lessons learned from 3G licensing.

Unique Feature

This year, ITU is introducing...

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