Swiss HIV finding prompts health agency warning.

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Health agencies have called for continued condom use, after the Swiss National AIDS Commission stated that HIV patients can safely engage in unprotected sex after taking six months of retroviral therapy to suppress the virus in blood.

The Swiss finding was based on four studies involving more than 500 heterosexual couples in Brazil, Spain and Uganda, said Bernard Hirschel, co-author of the report and an HIV/Aids specialist at Geneva University Hospital.

He said in Brazil, six people were infected in a study of 95 couples where 45 were HIV-positive, but infections occurred only in those whose partners did not follow the treatment regime.

In Spain, 595 heterosexual couples were studied, and none of the HIV-negative partners were infected by a patient taking retrovirals, Hirschel said. Results were the same in Uganda, he added.

But U.N. health agencies quickly distanced themselves from the finding. UNAIDS and the World Health Organization said antiviral drugs can leave undetectable amounts of HIV virus in the...

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