Hey World! Watch out for Caroline Chevin.

Author:Frey-Hasegawa, Erika
Position:Interview of month: caroline chevin - Cover story


Thanks to her hip, power pop song "Hey World" young Swiss singer-songwriter, Caroline Chevin is enjoying newfound fame in her late 30s. An apparent overnight success, music industry professionals know that this is usually not the whole story. Her catchy tune humming in my head nonstop for days, I sat down with the Swiss songstress to chat about her dreams and music career.

Caroline's mother grew up in Japan from the young age of three to thirteen. Her grandfather worked for an international corporation for ten years in Japan. Excitedly, she talks to me about a Swiss-Japanese fashion designer, Kazu Huggler, whom she recently met for the first time. Kazu has a Swiss mother and Japanese father. She represents an interesting creative cross-cultural "Swiss-ness." As I am half-Swiss and half-Japanese, Caroline found an intriguing conversation starter. Her father was from Alsace, the German speaking part of France and expatriated to Switzerland.

I was surprised to hear that you are Swiss. You have no accent when you sing in English.

Why thank you! That's a huge compliment. Your Swiss is really good. I like speaking in English to practice, when I have the chance. My father was from Alsace, and I also spoke French, but I have forgotten most of it. I would like to go to France or the Romandie to practice. When I travel, people ask me if I am Canadian. I have never been to Canada, and I don't know any Canadians, but apparently I sound Canadian. I focused on the English language due to singing.

Do you write your songs, like "Hey World," yourself or do you have a co-writer? Why do you choose to write in English?

I write my songs in English to express my deep feelings. I wrote "Hey World" with a friend of mine Sekon Neblett from a band in Germany called Freundeskreis. He is American but grew up part-time in Germany. He speaks both languages perfectly. Actually, it's not a problem of the languages. It's that I'll start off with so many ideas and go in five different directions. He helps me tell my stories.

Tell me about growing up in Switzerland. You are from Lucerne?

I grew up in Weggis about twenty-five minutes outside of Lucerne. Ed.: Incidentally the new mayor of Lucerne hails from Weggis. An area that is very Swiss in its nationalistic pride and also in its independent traits.) Near to Canton Schwyz, it's an enclave, but I still consider myself as coming from Lucerne. Everything we did was directed to the town of Lucerne. It...

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