Why rent furniture? No more long-term hotel stays. Network Relocation can offer you the creature comforts of home with ease.

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Why rent furniture? Certainly, if you're settled in one country, purchasing furniture is the way to go. Nevertheless, in cases where you are temporarily assigned to a foreign country, your accommodation is temporary, or you simply need the capital to spend on something else, renting furniture makes sense.

Not only does renting preserve capital by minimizing upfront expenses, it may be written off as an operating expense if you are renting furniture for business purposes.

For a short-term rental, you'll get much better quality furnishings than you would be able to piece together from friends, family and acquaintances (that is if you know someone in your country of destination not to mention speaking the language). Also delivery of items from retail stores can take between 6 to 8 weeks. Our delivery would be within 48 hours from the time the lease is signed, thus making sure you settle down quickly into your new home allowing you the flexibility to explore your new surroundings.

The product range goes far beyond furniture. We offer dishes and other kitchen items, linen, decoration items, TVs, stereos and even paper clips if needed ...

We at Network Relocation can do much more than simply lease you furniture. We can help you set up your new space more effectively. And while you could decide to install your furniture on your own, we can also handle the installation for you. When you are leaving we can also offer you a breakdown service for removal. We allow you to easily add, subtract, or change rental items that will work to your advantage.

You have no expensive repair bills and you can keep up with the latest...

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