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AuteurRobson, Kati Clinton

Last year, scientists and climatologists warned that the snowballing global financial crisis would deflect attention from the action needed to combat our dependence on fossil fuels, reduce our C[O.sub.2] emissions and ultimately halt climate change. In many ways, the soothsayers were right.

While the world's governments may not be focused solely on a warming planet, action is nevertheless being taken. Much of it stems from the public and non-profit sectors, and also from individuals.

We are committed to keeping the focus. So, in honour of Earth Day on April 22, we've dedicated this issue to the Green Generation Campaign and its core ideals and goals, outlined by the Earth Day Network: a carbon-free future based on renewable energy; individual commitment to responsible, sustainable consumption; and the creation of a new green economy.

In researching local angles of the campaign's goals, we frequently landed at myclimate: the Swiss-based carbon-offsetting organisation rated by Tufts University as one of the four best in the world. Thus, we felt compelled to profile it on page 8. The Clean Living...

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