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AuteurRobson, Kati Clinton
Fonction Editorial

This month we celebrate the life and work of Hans Erni--Switzerland's most prolific living artist. His immense Peace Wall--in terms of both scale and significance--was recently unveiled at the United Nations in Geneva to an audience of more than 500. Learn more about this fascinating centenarian on page 46.

As December gets underway, many shops will open longer for work-weary holiday shoppers, but will these extended hours last beyond December 24? We look at the economic pros and cons of liberalising Switzerland's 9:00 to 18:00 shopping day (page 8).

With the peak winter season shifting into high gear, you might be fooled into thinking that Alpine resorts are always packed to the gills. However, for many resorts, spring's arrival sees their population melt away faster than the snow. This phenomenon, caused by a glut of holiday homes, is transforming communities into seasonal ghost towns. In response, sustainable tourism models are now on the rise across the Alps (page 12).

Opening nationwide on January 14, The Cove is a thrilling, heart-wrenching documentary about the exploitation and slaughter of dolphins. We go...

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