From the editor.

Author:Meen, Liz

The global economy has grown impressively for many years, but this month, the World Economic Forum meets in a much less certain environment.

One of many topics on the slate is a sobering WEF report that the world economy may be more vulnerable than we realised, owing to the strong economic links we've cultivated between nations. These ties mean Europe will feel the pain if the sub-prime mortgage crisis gives way to a recession in the United States this year. Global reverberations could prevent the investments necessary to address climate change before it is too late. Even food and energy supplies may be too often "outsourced" to be fully secure, the report says.

When did 'thinking global' get so complicated? This month, we are fortunate to feature an interview with Forum director Lee Howell on issues of globalisation (page 16). Howell says mankind faces challenges never confronted in its history and these will require new approaches but change is...

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