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AuteurFoster, Angie
Fonction Editorial

Since race relations are always in the news, this month we speak with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Racism, Doudou Diene, examining the consequences of his March 2007 Report on Racism (page 8)--and the ensuing response from Switzerland's Service for Combating Racism to his conclusion that Switzerland did not have a "coherent and resolute" political or legal strategy to combat xenophobia and racism (page 12).

You know you've adapted to life in Switzerland when you look forward to Wildsaison! While I embrace each autumn with its veritable, ambrosial meat feast, I similarly enjoy complete immersion in the rousing Oktoberfest festivities. Thankfully, the inimitable Dr. Summer (funny man, Diarmuid De Faoite) is on hand to offer advice on, amongst other topics, the etiquette of drinking in...

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