From the editor.

Author:Clinton, Kati

One mantra we hear frequently around the Swiss News office is our publisher's: "Give me faces!" So, Liz and I are on a constant mission to deliver profiles of political figures, media and sports personalities, and of course, expats.

We're always happy to feature lively personalities, so you can imagine how ecstatic we are this month to have three.

First up, Michael Reiterer, Europe's first ambassador to Switzerland, gives insight into the current EU/Swiss relationship, and the part he will play. Up for discussion are the current tensions over cantonal tax laws and Switzerland's labour-intensive bilateral deals, which he feels may not be sustainable (page 8).

CEO Thomas Minder talks to us about the referendum initiative he is spearheading to limit "golden handshakes" and exorbitant pay packages for big name CEOs (page 10).

And our cover story features a girl from Tampa, Florida who propelled herself onto the New York party...

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