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AuteurMeen, Liz
Fonction Editorial

It's something of an irony that just as Swiss airline is finally profitable under German parent Lufthansa, a Swiss court is assigning blame for the spectacular failure of its predecessor, Swissair.

About 40,000 passengers were stranded on October 2, 2001, when foreign airports refused Swissair's credit for fuel and landing fees. Fingers have been pointed at the government and the banks, but the people have waited five years to hear which Swissair executives bankrupted the national carrier, wiped out life savings, and evoked shame in a country so proud of its fiscal prudence. They'll probably be waiting until May for the verdicts. For now, the trial is wrapped and details are on page 6.

This month we're also pleased to have Mode Gilbert's first-hand account of a week spent as a volunteer farmhand, on page 14. I love these personal glimpses of life in Switzerland and really...

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