Fatter but feeling great, thanks!(NEWS)

Obesity is on the rise even though nine out of ten people in Switzerland say they're in top form.

A survey of about 19,000 people found "the majority of the Swiss population thinks it is in good health. Eighty-seven per cent of people asked said they felt in good or very good health," the Federal Statistics Office said in a statement--but the survey also found that more Swiss are drinking or overweight, or both, it added.

When it comes to alcohol, 38 per cent of all men and 29 per cent of women described themselves as "occasional drinkers" who had a glass one or two times a week.

While fewer young people appear to be drinking, figures released by the Federal Health Office in February signalled an increase in binge drinking by youths, with cases of hospitalisation for alcohol poisoning up sharply. Alcohol dependence is also on the rise among the young, they said.

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