AuteurKuhn, Remo
Fonction Editorial

Dear Reader,

In 1982, I decided to start a monthly magazine in English for the rising number of expatriates in our country, for English-speaking business travellers and tourists, and for anyone with an interest in the whos and hows of Switzerland.

In the last 30 years, I have had many experiences, some unforgettable 'encounters of the third kind', and some real funny ones indeed. I recall being taught a lesson on the different priorities and character traits of the Swiss French and the Swiss Germans early on in the process, when observing people's reactions to our big advertising campaign 'What's on in Switzerland?'. In Geneva, someone sprayed across our poster in big letters: "Ici on parle francais" (here, we speak French). Meanwhile, a Zurich poster featured a response to our question: "absolutely nothing" (note: the response was written in English, not German).

I have been lucky to have always had a very competent and dedicated team, composed of editors...

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