Contract Negotiations: Now And Then

Author:Dr. Thomas Rihm
Profession:Rihm Attorneys

 Mobile phones are a great help in these days to secure permanent professional access not only during regular business hours. Sometimes a five-minute call on a Saturday or Sunday can make all the difference instead of having a client experiencing a dreadful weekend by receiving a phone call from its lawyer only on Monday.

"It is Rihm Attorneys' business policy that clients can access us at all times. This usually requires that we are reachable in the evenings and if necessary over the weekend.", shares Dr. Thomas Rihm. He speaks more about his international business law practice below.

How has legal work in contract negotiation evolved throughout Switzerland since you entered the profession? What would you say have been the major game changers in this field over the last decade?

Over the last 30 years, the law firms have experienced in full the fast development of communication techniques, from receiving and writing paper letters, to the use of fax starting in the 1980s and later on e-mail including electronic attachments in the 1990s. Mobile phones make the constant communication with clients much easier.

Needless to say, that these techniques have accelerated lawyers' work enormously and contributed much in terms of effectiveness and cost savings. Extended travelling to global business capitals in order to finalize during an entire week in personal meetings a complex set of contracts and other legal documents have - unfortunately - become quite seldom.

What remains of course is the due analysis of client needs

when it comes to drafting and negotiating. Seasoned business lawyers with broad work experience are more than ever in great demand, as they can achieve much more affordable price than a handful of legal specialists which is usually difficult to handle and coordinate.

How have the recent events in Switzerland affected your work and your clients?

The US tax programme of 2013 lead to considerable work load for business law attorneys in Switzerland when...

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