Consensus at the ballot box.

Fonction News

As winter tightened its grip over Switzerland once again, 45.2 per cent of Swiss voters braved the arctic temperatures of March 7 to vote on three separate popular initiative votes. A proposal to add constitutional guidelines for medical and science testing on humans was approved, with 77.2 per cent of the electorate agreeing to the proposal.

The day's other popular initiatives did not enjoy such support. The proposal to make animal lawyers compulsory for all cantons (currently only Zurich has a dedicated animal lawyer to speak for animals in cases of cruelty or neglect) was roundly rejected, with 70.5 per cent of voters opposed to the idea.

Most overwhelming, however, was the result of a vote to reform Switzerland's pension scheme. The proposal--which would have allowed a cut in the benefits from the second-pillar pension scheme (most commonly, the pension schemes paid for by employers)--was thrown out by 72.7 per cent of...

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