Coffee, body and soul.

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Nespresso has conquered the world with a smooth, intense, and sensual aroma. It has seduced us with the irresistible smile of George Clooney and engraved on our minds one simple slogan: Nespresso--what else?

While coffee is not the only plant whose seeds have energising properties, the black broth they yield when brewed is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. Last year, the annual worldwide consumption of coffee amounted to almost seven million tonnes.

The Italian favourite

The most popular and most concentrated of all black broth varieties, the espresso, serves as the base for many fashionable drinks, such as cappuccino, caffe latte, cafe au lait, latte macchiato, and espresso con panna. Espresso famously forms a crucial part of Italian culture, where its popularity grew with urbanisation and the introduction of espresso bars as places for socialising. The first espresso machine was patented there in 1384 by Italian inventor Angelo Moriondo.

In the 70s a team around Nestle employee Eric Favre developed and patented a new and easy method of making espresso, using hermetically sealed aluminium pods. containing ground coffee His unassuming little creations became a market success ten years later, when the first specialist machines were developed with Turmix, bringing about the creation of the company Nestle Nespresso SA.

The pods took Switzerland by storm, turning John Joes into baristas overnight. For the first time, it was possible for anyone to make a homemade espresso that was every bit as good as the one brewed in your local safe, with beautiful thick foam and an earthy aroma.

The Swiss based company Nespresso, which remains an operating unit of Nestle Group today, protected its method with several patents.


The Nespresso culture

Today, Nespresso--together with its partners Krups, De'Longhi, Siemens and Magimix, Tur mix and Koenig--offers a range of 37 coffee machines in different sizes, styles and colours, enabling coffee aficionados to create espressos, as well as cappuccinos, lattes and lunges (espresso with twice as much water than the normal espresso) at the touch of a button The one-touch cappuccino system, for example, provides the optimal combination of steam, milk and air to create froth with a perfect...

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