A to B ain't cheap in CH.

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Rail travellers in Switzerland shell out more for their tickets than most other Europeans. Only the Brits pay more to commute distances ranging between 17 and 80 kilometres, according to a recent study commissioned by the British Secretary of State for Transport.

The Fares and Ticketing Study compared the costs of commuting over short (5-16 kilometres), medium (17-40 kilometres) and long distances (41-80 kilometres). Countries included were France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Great Britain.

In the medium and long-distance categories, travellers in Switzerland paid more than those in any other country except Great Britain for unrestricted, day return fares. Travellers in Germany were right behind the Swiss.

However, while those riding Swiss rails for short distances pay more than people in France, they pay comparable amounts to those in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy, and less than those in Great Britain, Germany and Sweden.


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