Shooting mountain style: Brunig Indoor, the only underground nonmilitary shooting range in the world, is set underneath the calming Alpine scenery that surrounds the sleepy town on Lungern.

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Here at the Business Unusual desk we are used to digging up the different and dusting off the diverse from within the Swiss business scene. On top of that the only thing we Jove better is to bring you a worldwide one and only, such as the Brunig Indoor Sports Shooting Centre in Lungern, which lies in canton Oberwald in the heart of central Switzerland.

Brunig indoor that was opened in November 2002 is the brainchild of local businessman Thomas Gasser. He got the ball rolling back in 1997, when it first struck him that changes in government regulations on environmental protection and noise pollution would make an underground shooting range the ideal solution.

Add to that his expertise as managing director of Gasser Felstechnik, a company speciailsing in tunnelling through the large and rocky Swiss mountains, and you have a man who has not only the will but also the way to construct the world's first under. ground shooting complex.

Switzerland certainly has a soft spot for shooting as a sport, with shooting ranges dotted around the country and Shuetzenfest (shooting festivals) probably taking place in some town near you sometime soon.

Switzerland has more firepower per person than any other country in the world, yet it remains one of the safest places to be. While many Swiss shoot for sport, all males doing their military service, aged between 20 and 42, are required to keep rifles or pistols at home.

The cavernous facilities at Brunig Indoor provide not only a 300 metre shooting range but also a 150 and 100 metre facility. On top of that there's also the two-level Olympia Hall, which also offers training facilities for sports shooters.

On entering, CUStomers must produce a valid ID coupled with a personnel liability insurance policy. Strict roles set down by the federal government and the sports governing body are observed with trained instructors available at all times.

Gerhard Kesseli, Swiss shooting champion in 1999 is a regular client of the facilities in Lungern. He explain that he needs a place he can use all year round for training.

"Brunig indoor is ideal for me, in order to practice with optimal conditions also in the winter," explain Kesseli. "Here everything, the technical standard, the infrastructure and the service are property placed.

In 2003 some 10,000 customers came to use the facilities and in 2004 Otto...

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