Around the world for the environment.


Swiss are using bicycles, sailboats and a solar car to drive home the message that fuel damages the environment.

Swiss adventurer Louis Palmer, 36, arrived in Kuala Lumpur in early April marking the half-way point in his attempt to drive around the world without using a drop of fuel. His solar car can reach speeds of up to 90kph, and he is the first to attempt the feat.

Meanwhile, Sabine and Dario Schworer have taken their family of four on sailboat, bicycle and on foot to visit 40 countries in the past seven years.

They have travelled more than 46,000 kilometres, with 8,000 to go.

When you love nature you have to do something to preserve it, Dario Schworer told the Tages-Anzeiger.


Palmer, a former teacher, says it's a dream he conceived 20 years ago. He set out from Lucerne last July...

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