'April showers bring May flowers ...'.

Author:Frey-Hasegawa, Erika


Hopefully, by the time you are reading this note, the snow will have melted, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. It's my pleasure to say hello to you as the new Editor-in-Chief of Swiss News as of this May 2013 issue. A team of old and new people stand behind me. I would like to say a big thank you to them. Without their help, I could not face this challenge alone. The pages of this magazine you hold are the result of their hard work, creative input and dedication.

We have much to look forward to this long-awaited summer. For the first time ever, the Zurich Tattoo is taking place in well, Zurich! The Big Bands are coming to town, bringing British tradition right to Zurich's doorstep. See page 08 for my interview with Dr. Graham Jones, one of the founders of Tattoo, who has a soft spot for Switzerland. Rehearsals are already underway and it promises to be quite an event.

And, if you somehow missed out on ski season, spectacular eternal snow awaits on Mount Titlis in Nid- and Obwalden standing at 3020 meter tall. Thanks to expertise of the Best of Switzerland bus tours, it's easily accessible. The towns and areas leading up the mountain, closer to sea level, such as the Rigi and Lucerne, are witnesses to the legend of Wilhelm Tell.

Back in modern day Switzerland, stress is a hot topic...

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