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Sales for birth control pills in Switzerland are booming - but not for traditional pills. Instead of preventative pills, women are increasingly resorting to emergency contraception "morning after" pills, taken after unprotected sex.


Pharmacy sales of the leading emergency contraception product, Norlevo Uno, spiked 16 per cent in 2008 from the previous year to 93,500 packages, according to the Swiss Pharmacy Association (Schweizerischer Apothekerverband pharmaSuisse) and reported by daily newspaper 20 Minuten.

Higher sales--to customers who are primarily young women between the ages of 18 and 24--are likely due to increased awareness of the drug since it became available in 2002, said Marcel Wyler of the Swiss Pharmacy Association.

Disconcerting to health officials is the concurrent drop in traditional birth control pill usage, which has fallen by nearly 10 per cent since 2002. "It is very worrying that so many women are no longer practicing prevention," said Margrit Kessler, president of the SPO patient protection foundation.

According to the World Health Organization's fact sheet on emergency contraception, the...

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