10 questions with Christa Rigozzi.

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She could be the Marilyn Monroe of Switzerland with her platinum hair, rosebud tips and shapely figure. Christa Rigozzi is often referred to as the most successful Miss Switzerland to date. Awarded the title in 2006 at the age of 23, she has starred in numerous advertising campaigns, presented TV shows including Switzerland's Got Talent, and is the face of thermal baths resort Leukerbad.

Behind all the glamour, we discovered a sweet girl from Canton Ticino, who describes herself as passionate and generous. Born in 1983 in Monte Carasso, Rigozzi studied communication sciences and media at the University of Fribourg, before completing studies in criminal Jaw and criminology at the University of Berne. Silo speaks five languages, enjoys reading and travelling, and has an obvious appetite for success.

  1. How did it feel to be crowned Miss Switzerland in 2006?

    In 2006, I was a university student. After having studied for four years, I wanted to take a break. I saw the Miss Switzerland contest advertised on television and decided to enter. I wanted to have new experiences and I told myself that if I didn't try at 23 years of age, I never would. It has been an incredible experience. When I was crowned Miss Switzerland, I was just happy, and absolutely speechless. Then photographers, journalists, and the media all wanted to talk to me. I immediately felt at ease. I have met many people and discovered a new working environment. Thanks to this competition, I have now spent six years working in marketing, advertising and as a television presenter.

  2. Why do you think you were the right person to become Miss Switzerland 2006?

    I think I won the competition because of my natural spontaneity and my sincerity, I've always been myself and [have] never lied. I am just a simple, passionate girl from the South, who loves life and people, is generous and has a great desire to make new experiences. I put passion into everything I do-even the smallest things. I am serious and committed to doing my best. I'm very professional, punctual and organised--one might even say stubborn! When I want something, I do everything possible to achieve my goal. But I can also be emotional and jealous ...

  3. What do you like the most about being Swiss?

    There are so many things I love about Switzerland! I love the people, the landscapes, and the [mix] of different cultures. I love [Switzerland's] democracy, cleanliness, familiarity, and punctuality. The country...

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